Recipe: Bramble Pie Our Recipes

In the UK, we call blackberries ‘brambles’, and these little hedgerow jewels pop up late every summer and are irresistible for the picking when primed and ready! Midnight black and nubbly on the outside with a rich violet juice inside, these are arguably the king of summer berries. What better way to celebrate them once in season? In a delicious pie, here’s our perfect recipe…

🍫 Dreaming About Chocolate! 🍫 They loved it

Easter isn’t the only time of year that chocolate can be celebrated, but it’s a pretty good reason! We love this silky, creamy, sweet creation that goes so well in desserts (and even in savoury dishes too, like chilli, molé or stew), here’s some of our favourite ways to enjoy chocolate. 🚧 Be warned: You may need to seek out some chocolate after reading this post… we...

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Recipe: Sole Veronique Our Recipes

An absolute French classic, sole Veronique has fallen out of favour in recent years, but it’s still as sublime as ever. Fresh sole fillets, a rich creamy sauce and gorgeous fresh grapes make this a rich yet light dish – perfect for a date night cooking at home with a bottle of French white wine. Here’s how to recreate this delicious dish at home…

🍍 Fussy Fruits: Here’s How to Cut & Prepare Exotic Fruits 🍇 Yummy DIY

🍉 Want to eat more exotic fruits but not sure how best to prepare them? 🍑 We are shedding some light on these gorgeous exotic and globally-sourced fruits, whether you’ve found a dragon fruit at the Asian market or picked up a persimmon in your local supermarket – here’s how to prepare them! 🍈

Recipe: Rhubarb & Strawberry Galette Our Recipes

You either love rhubarb or hate it… but we firmly believe we will make you ❤️ it with this recipe for rhubarb galette. A traditional French farmhouse pie that’s simple to assemble and beyond delicious to eat… never be without this recipe in your repertoire 👌

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